Ifrah’s Commitment to Pro Bono

Ifrah Law is a small firm that makes a big commitment to pro bono. We live up to that commitment in several ways.

First, every lawyer at Ifrah is credited with 100 hours of otherwise billable time for them to devote to the pro bono projects of their choice. That means every lawyer can take 100 hours away from work he or she would have charged for and invest them in pro bono. Not only can they do that, we encourage them to do it.

In 2014, the firm began participating in Clemency Project 2014 (“CP2014”), an initiative that provides pro bono assistance to federal prisoners who would likely have received a shorter sentence had they been sentenced today.

We have also selected a few local organizations to support. We are a proud partner with and supporter of the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. This non-profit organization provides legal assistance to incarcerated people who claim to be wrongly convicted. We support the project financially and through our donation of legal services. We also support Horton’s Kids, a tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment non-profit which provides advocacy and family support to the children of Washington, D.C.’s Ward 8. And we support Baltimore-based Joblink of Maryland, an organization that helps facilitate employment opportunities and placement for job seekers of all levels.

Finally, Ifrah Lawyers are members of the federal Criminal Justice Act panel for the District of Columbia. Our attorneys accept appointments from the federal court to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases at no cost to them.

At Ifrah Law, we believe that pro bono is both a duty and an opportunity. That is why every lawyer here is committed to pro bono and why we make it an integral part of the firm.

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