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April 20, 2017

A Favorable Settlement for an Online Merchant

By: wpengine

A dispute arose between an e-commerce merchant and an interactive advertising agency involving over $2.5 million in damages. The merchant retained Ifrah Law and we utilized our experience representing individuals and corporations in the online marketing arena to negotiate a favorable settlement for the e-commerce merchant and obtain a dismissal of the case.

The ad agency was a large network that rolled out a sales campaign for the merchant’s product. They claimed they were owed commissions from the merchant’s sales and brought a case against our client and sued the individuals associated with the company, as well.

We argued that they you couldn’t assess liability against individuals for the liability of the company unless there was a specific basis to do so and we moved to dismiss. The advertising agency challenged us, and we won a judgment for the plaintiff as well as for our attorney fees.

Then the advertising agency litigated that result – and lost. The judge found our legal fees to be fair and reasonable.

By the time this wrangling was completed, Ifrah had won a judgment of $250,000 before the actual case had even started. Normally, it’s impossible for a defendant to win legal fees – but not with Ifrah Law.