Category: Sports Betting Law

September 29, 2023

Surging Sportsbook Signups Illustrate Need for Ubiquitous Legal Gaming Markets

The kickoff of the NFL 2023-2024 season has held many surprises: drastically favored teams lost to their underdog opponents; surprise rookies broke out like Bijan Robinson and Puka Nacua; sports media outlets aggressively reported on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce courtship; and much more. What has not been surprising, however, is the surge of signups on… Read More

May 25, 2023

Is Sports Wagering Regulation and Legalization Leading to More Sports Integrity?

During the debate to legalize sports wagering in the United States opponents claimed that it would lead to increased corruption and match fixing in sports. However, Sportsradar’s annual Betting Corruption and Match-Fixing Integrity Services Report for 2022[1] revealed that the number of suspicious matches has declined in North America. According to the Report the number… Read More

May 10, 2023

NFL Gambling Policy Can Benefit From Small Modification

Recently, the NFL suspended five players for violations of the league’s gambling policy. Three players received indefinite bans (with the right to apply for reinstatement after the 2023 season) because they were caught betting on NFL games in the 2022 season, while two other players received six-game suspensions for betting on non-NFL games at a… Read More

December 1, 2022

Massachusetts Lessens Licensing Burden on Marketing Affiliates… For Now

On December 1, 2022, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (“MGC”) held an Open Meeting to discuss a number of items ahead of the upcoming launch of retail sports wagering and later launch of online sports wagering. Of particular note was a topic brought up by the Director of the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau, Loretta Lillios, requesting… Read More

May 4, 2022

Kansas is Anticipated to be Next for Legalized Sports Betting

As part of a rumored effort to lure the Kansas City Chiefs to move their stadium to the state of Kansas, late on April 28th, 2022, and extending into the earliest hours on the 29th, Kansas state lawmakers voted in favor of a bill to legalize mobile and retail sports betting.  Now, the bill is… Read More

April 29, 2022

NCAA Allows Data Distribution Deals to Sportsbooks

The National College Athletic Association (“NCAA”) relaxed its long-established opposition to sports betting this Wednesday in a decision that will allow for the sale of data to sportsbooks. The decision comes in the same week that NCAA president Mark Emmert agreed to leave his role in the middle of his contract once a new president… Read More

April 26, 2022

Legalized Online and Retail Sports Betting on its Way to Maine

This week, Maine’s state House and Senate both approved a bill that would legalize online and retail sports betting.  The legislation provides the state’s four federally recognized Indian tribes with a monopoly on mobile sports betting rights.  The state’s two casinos, the Oxford Casino and the Hollywood Casino and Raceway in Bangor have the ability,… Read More