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What Should I do if I Receive a Letter from a Prosecutor?
February 27, 2014

What Should I do if I Receive a Letter from a Prosecutor?

By: wpengine

In this recent video, Ifrah Law partner David Deitch explains the importance of seeking legal counsel if you or your company receive a letter from a prosecutor’s office.

In some cases, the prosecutor may identify a person or company as a “target.”  In those cases, the prosecutor’s office is stating that it believes that the person or company has committed a crime, and its investigation is focused, at least in part, on collecting evidence to prove it.   In other cases, a letter may state that a person or company is a “subject” of an investigation.  This is a statement that the person’s or company’s conduct falls within the scope of the investigation.  It does not necessarily mean that the person or company is likely to be charged with a crime, but it does not mean he, she or it is in the clear.

In either case, the most important step to take is for the recipient of the letter to seek good legal representation.  A lawyer whose client receives either type of letter will likely reach out to the prosecutor’s office to begin a dialogue.  This protects the target or subject from some law enforcement scrutiny and may also open up avenues that could lead to resolution of the investigation without the filing of charges.  Good counsel will also help the target or subject understand the protections that can be asserted against that scrutiny.

A target or subject letter is never a welcome sight, but with good legal representation, it is a situation that can be managed effectively.