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Jeff Ifrah Quoted on Rumors of DraftKings/FanDuel Merger

DraftKings and FanDuel are downplaying media reports this week that the two biggest daily fantasy sports companies could team up. But given their swift change of fortune this past year, industry watchers say the timing’s right for a deal.

Media reports say the companies have spoken about a merger, though officials at both DraftKings and FanDuel have dismissed the reports as speculation…

An open question is how federal regulators would view such a move.

A merged company would effectively control over 90 percent of the daily fantasy sports market, creating a potential monopoly that may run afoul of federal antitrust laws, says Dustin Hecker, a Boston-based business lawyer.

Others, though, aren’t convinced there’s a problem.

“I don’t see how the consumer would be harmed,” said Jeff Ifrah, a D.C.-based lawyer who represents several smaller daily fantasy companies. “What are they losing out on? How are they going to be paying a higher price? I haven’t seen that argument made yet.”



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