Jeff Ifrah founded Ifrah Law with the intent of changing the way clients think about their lawyer. So it’s no surprise that he has devised an innovative billing model that addresses clients’ needs for billing transparency and predictability.

Too often, we at Ifrah Law see clients overwhelmed by the prospect of skyrocketing litigation costs. Sometimes they were making decisions not to pursue a valid claim because of prior litigation that had spun out of control. Because typical flat fees don’t account for variables, clients have learned to be leery of them. The Ifrah Law Predictable Billing Model saves clients money and brings them certainty, which is critical when in-house counsel and CEOs have to communicate with board members and investors.

Ifrah’s Predictable Billing Model organizes litigation by four or five stages, assigning a capped fee for each stage. The firm also lists subcomponents based on every variable that could arise. For example, if Ifrah Law files a motion to dismiss based on jurisdiction, we provide the fee for filing the motion, a fee if the plaintiff asks for jurisdictional discovery and a fee if the motion is dismissed. Since settlement discussions can occur at any time, we provide costs for a settlement stage that occurs early on and one that occurs later on. There are no exceptions to the costs presented.

Perhaps the greatest value of our Predictable Billing Model is putting the power back into the hands of an educated client. Clients can make highly informed and strategic moves when they have the power to weigh the cost of the next step in litigation versus the risk to the company. Ifrah Law has changed the litigation landscape for our clients by bringing to light what often seems a mysterious, uncontrollable process. Our clients can trust the billing process, which is a much-needed change in the traditional attorney-client relationship.

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