Why Ifrah

Why do high profile clients turn to Ifrah Law when faced with critical legal matters? Three qualities separate us from the others.

  1. We are highly experienced in developing creative solutions for complex legal challenges.
  2. We have a track record of partnering with strong, successful individuals who demand excellence.
  3. And we are well-known, respected – and occasionally feared – advocates for clients’ interests.

Experienced and Creative – The credentials of Ifrah attorneys — Division Chief at the Department of Justice and Assistant US Attorney, JAG Corps member –  are essential for doing business with government prosecutors. But what garners the attention of mainstream media, peers at the nation’s largest and most respected law firms and many highly successful business leaders, is Ifrah Law’s creativity, insight and ability to consistently find innovative ways to achieve client goals. Not only do we stay on top of current trends in enforcement and case law, we write and provide expert analysis about those trends in leading legal and business publications and conferences.

Client-Service Focused Attorneys – All too often, we hear stories of attorneys who don’t timely return calls or e-mails or don’t seem to understand the urgency of a situation from the client’s point of view. At Ifrah Law, we are personally available to our clients 24/7. Our client focus extends to forming a close partnership with our clients, listening to them and addressing their concerns, even if it means getting on a plane on a weekend!

Respected Advocates – Our strong relationships with government prosecutors, recognition from legal peers and comfort with the high stress levels that characterize a government investigation and high stakes civil litigations, all combine to make Ifrah Law a powerful ally for clients. We are exceptionally focused and detail-oriented; we are better writers; we have a better understanding of precedent, facts and options; and we don’t over-lawyer a case. Our standing at the bar is about the judgment and respect we have earned among peers, government prosecutors and clients.