Millennial Marketing

If Your Company Markets to Millennials Online, We’re Your Law Firm

The Internet has nurtured the growth of a new and vibrant US economic sector – young, affluent and educated consumers tapping the net for their entertainment, sports fixes and shopping needs. For businesses innovating in this frontier, the rewards are high and so are the stakes. At Ifrah Law we see it every day.

As major players in the online gaming, advertising, and fantasy sports industries push the boundaries, regulators are struggling to keep pace. That’s why we’re here: to keep your hard work and interests safe, and to ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to federal regulators’ often overly aggressive tactics.

Ifrah Law is composed of a dedicated team of top-notch attorneys, all with mastery in the critical matters associated with online gaming and advertising. While other lawyers find themselves in reaction mode, we’re on top of the issues, tapping into strategies that they never saw coming. We are just like the customers you serve: energized by the challenge, motivated by the win, and determined to deliver the best. So, when you choose to work with Ifrah Law, you can be confident in knowing that you’ve always got an ace-in-the-hole.