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Courthouse News Article covers response to DOJ’s controversial OLC Opinion. Jeff Ifrah discusses the role of iDEA Growth in the New Hampshire lawsuit seeking to challenge it.

Worries of Online Gambling Crackdown Spur States to Action

By: Nick Rummell 

With the Justice Department agreeing to postpone enforcement of its new policy until June 14, all eyes now await the ruling by U.S. District Judge Paul Barbadoro in New Hampshire.

“It won’t stand for long,” attorney Jeff Ifrah said of the OLC policy shift.

A lawyer for the iDevelopment and Economic Association, which filed an amicus brief in the New Hampshire case, Ifrah called it clear from Judge Barbadoro’s “body language that he is going to get rid of it.”

“The question is how does DOJ react to his decision,” Ifrah added.

Ifrah also noted that uncertainty has not stopped the industry from pushing ahead with online gaming, pointing to growing interest among states to work with online gaming companies.

On the programming side meanwhile, Ifrah said “the people who do the data servers have designed compliance systems to comply with this opinion to keep transactions intrastate.”



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