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Gambling Compliance quotes James Trusty regarding Wire Act Ruling as the DOJ’s deadline to Appeal draws closer

The Mystery Of Attorney General Barr’s Position On Wire Act Appeal

By: Tony Batt

If the DOJ still has not reached a decision within 60 days, it could file a notice of appeal to keep its options open.

“DOJ tends to have a lot of voices and bureaucratic input, so they could note the appeal but ultimately accept the ruling and withdraw,” said James Trusty, who served as chief of the DOJ’s organized crime and gangs section during the administration of President Obama.

Since 2018, Trusty has worked for Ifrah Law, a firm in Washington, D.C., which is representing online gambling companies that are members of the iDevelopment and Economic Association (iDEA).

“A lot of us are hoping and thinking that the attorney general will not want to double down on a bad bet,” Trusty said.

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