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How New Jersey Became The U.S. Gambling Expansion Leader

Jeff Ifrah, the founder of Internet Development and Economic Association (iDEA) and a longtime adviser to companies seeking to engage in U.S. gambling expansion, said that it stems from “bad economic theory.”

“States don’t fully understand a couple of things,” Ifrah said. “No one understands like New Jersey does that there is an entire offshore industry. So stop thinking that if there is just one [legal] player in the market, that brings in all the action. All that is going to happen is that offshore is going to continue to thrive.

“When you have one market in particular, that is raising more awareness, yet people can only find offshore guys [by searching on] Google.”

Ifrah said he has attempted to explain to regulators that having additional participants doesn’t mean each gets a smaller slice of revenue–  “the pie gets bigger.”



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