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iDEA Growth Releases New Research that Proves Online Gaming Revenue & Jobs Continue to Increase Annually

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 10 – iDEA Growth released new a report today, the Economic Impact of New Jersey Online Gaming, that demonstrates the continued growth of mobile gaming over six years through additional revenue, jobs, wages and consumer protections. The New Jersey model serves as an example to states seeking to legalize mobile gaming and betting. The top three takeaways from the research are:

  • Revenue: Since its first full year of operations, online gaming Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 24.8%.
  • Jobs: 6,552 jobs were created from late 2013 through 2018.
  • Consumer protection: New Jersey’s legalization of online gaming brought a longstanding offshore industry onshore from a gray market into a safe and structured environment.


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