Jeff Ifrah quoted by WUSA9 as “Political Betting” makes Headlines

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Jul 18, 2019

Jeff Ifrah quoted by WUSA9 as “Political Betting” makes Headlines

Bet $100 on Joe Biden, win $1,000 if he wins; Here’s how ‘political betting’ works

Author: Evan Koslof

“We wanted to learn more about the legality of political betting, so we reached out to Jeff Ifrah, a lawyer who specializes on the betting industry. Ifrah said that political betting remains illegal across the United States, even as sports betting is being opened up.

For this reason, regulated sites, like BWIN, will continue to block U.S. users from betting online. However, unregulated sites, like Bovada, will gladly take money from people in the states.

Ifrah said that this betting falls into a legal “gray area.” Although illegal, prosecution tends to focus on the sites, rather than the users. Ifrah said he couldn’t think of a “single case” in which an individual better was prosecuted.

However there have been some movements towards legalization. New Jersey recently allowed betting on the Oscars, a type of “event betting,” which could indicate a changing tide”.

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