Jim Trusty on How Replacing Sessions Could Affect Gaming

Nov 12, 2018

Jim Trusty on How Replacing Sessions Could Affect Gaming

Gambling Compliance recently published an article on the gaming industry’s concern over who will replace Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General.

If reports that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is being considered are true, the industry would breathe a sigh of relief. Other candidates might disrupt current legislative efforts by states to regulate online gaming and sports betting by overturning the 2011 OLC opinion by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that led to the legalization of online gaming in New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Ifrah partner Jim Trusty is quoted on the likelihood of this reversal: “Between the PASPA invalidation, the movement in many states towards legalization and regulation, and the growing acceptance that a whole generation of younger people are enjoying e-gaming, fantasy sports, and sports betting without harming the casino margins, it seems unlikely that the OLC opinion will be reversed.”

He also addressed the Wire Act, which prohibits the transmission of sports-betting transactions across state lines. He called the 2011 OLC opinion “spot on in terms of analyzing the Wire Act and limiting its applicability to sports betting … With PASPA now in the grave, focusing on the non-binding Wire Act interpretation seems an even more remote possibility than in recent years,”

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