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As the name recognition of your company and its products grows, the importance of protecting your brands from trademark infringement becomes more critical. Cybersquatters are always looking for an opportunity to benefit from a company’s success by registering infringing domain names. Well-meaning companies might be unknowingly infringing on your trademark, yet even a seemingly benign similarly between two domain names can dilute and harm your brand. Protecting your trademark requires diligent monitoring of activities in cyberspace for instances of infringement, which can be a costly and time-consuming task for your company and its in-house IP counsel.

Ifrah Law provides clients with worldwide domain name monitoring and immediate access to seasoned professionals who can provide your company with guidance on the appropriate actions to take should infringement occur, including pursuit of UDRP proceedings, suits under the ACPA and other alternative means of protecting your brand. We maintain a database of your trademarks and monitor usage of your trademarks online, including domain name registrations, media mentions and the promotion of competing products.

Why Ifrah Law?

  • We’ve been monitoring domain names for our clients for many years, and we have the process down to a science, which makes the process effective and keeps fees reasonable.
  • We understand the enforcement actions that can be pursued, and what the outcome of each enforcement action can bring. Using this knowledge, we can best advise you on your next steps.

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