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Parents can get angry when their kids spend too much time or money on video games. We get it. But going after a gaming company in retaliation is probably not the best response. And doing so without actually understanding the game can result in, well, a giant waste of time, or, in a recent example, an epic fail. Last week, an angry parent filed a putative class action in California federal court against Epic Games, Inc., the maker of Fortnite. In the complaint, the angry parent alleges that the company has unfairly and deceptively lured young players into buying random features to advance in the game. The angry parent claims that Epic has developed a “predatory scheme.” There are colorful allegations, such as that Epic “exploits informational advantage mercilessly to lure minors and other purchases into making purchases they otherwise would not make.” A key component to the angry parent’s allegations is the random nature of the in-game purchases, i.e. loot boxes styled as Llamas. The complaint repeatedly likens the... Read more
NASPL Responds to the DOJ Reversal of Opinion
February 5, 2019

NASPL Responds to the DOJ Reversal of Opinion

By: Whitney Fore

On February 4, 2019, the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (“NASPL”) issued a statement responding to the Department of Justice’s January 14, 2019, opinion regarding the Wire Act of 1961.  In its statement, the NASPL hints that the DOJ failed to consider the effects its latest Wire Act opinion would have on… Read More

Once adamantly opposed to the idea of legal sports betting, professional sports leagues are now hurrying to play catch-up in order to profit from the burgeoning sports betting market.  On Wednesday, the National Basketball Association (“NBA”) issued a release announcing its “first betting data partnerships in the U.S.” with sports data companies Sportradar and Genius… Read More

But today I am still just a Bill
October 22, 2018

But today I am still just a Bill

By: James Trusty

By all accounts, a bill for legalized sports betting in D.C. (“The Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018”) was well-received last week by the City Council, but the byzantine process by which it might become a law leaves plenty of opportunities for mischief.  On Wednesday, Councilman Jack Evans introduced legislation with the support of… Read More

Congratulations, you won a sports bet! What happens now? In the five states where sports betting is now legal, any qualifying individual who places and wins a sports bet can exchange their winning ticket for payment. That means any individual who can prove they are over 21 through an in-person check or the latest digital… Read More

It’s a showdown in Texas over the legality of daily fantasy sports (“DFS”) contests under Texas law. But it’s a showdown only for show, it seems. The drama over the legality of DFS in Texas began on January 19, 2016, when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton unilaterally issued an opinion letter declaring fantasy sports illegal… Read More

With online sports betting and gaming now legal in New Jersey, many businesses are seeking to jump into this flourishing industry. However, the regulations require that any company seeking to offer this kind of entertainment be associated with a land-based casino in the state, and that kind of association requires a specific legal status. Companies… Read More