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The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario recently published its Draft Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming (“Draft Standards”).  The purpose of the 50-page document is “to ensure that regulated entities have a sound control environment, and an organizational structure that promotes good governance, accountability and oversight, as well as transparency in dealings with the AGCO.” Among the areas of oversight (which are broad reaching) is Marketing and Advertising.  The Ontario regulator’s draft requirements outline a number of standards for advertising and marketing content.  These requirements appear to cover operators and their affiliates alike (the Draft Standards do not specify that the marketing and advertising requirements apply to operators only, which they do specify elsewhere).  What is interesting, from our perspective: this is the first time a government agency on this side of the pond has attempted to regulate gaming advertising (countries including the U.K., Italy, and Australia have instituted such restrictions in recent years). Should the Draft Standards be finalized and should the trend take hold, it could impact gaming operators... Read more

As part of the 2020 election, Maryland voters approved a Constitutional amendment to allow sports betting.  In February, I reported on the Maryland legislature’s efforts to pass a new bill to legalize and regulate sports gambling.  The state passed another milestone yesterday when the Maryland Senate unanimously approved a new sports wagering bill. The bill… Read More

When people think about LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo, blockchain and digital tokens are probably not the first, tenth, or hundredth thing that comes to mind.  But with the rise of NBA Top Shot—a non-fungible token (NFT) that exists on the blockchain, consisting of player video highlights officially licensed from the NBA—that may be changing…. Read More

With the increasing popularity of sports betting across the country comes the ever-present concern that big money brings big temptation, and that concern is most acutely fixated on the NCAA sports scene. Gamblers and non-gamblers alike do not want to see their favorite collegiate contests infected with fixed results or point shaving. But in an… Read More

We have seen commercial winners and losers in the COVID era. Online gaming has been a clear winner, with record participation during shelter-in-place times. It just received another boost thanks to a policy change at Google: Google Play recently announced it will allow gambling apps in the Google Play store starting March 1. This is a… Read More