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A hacker has posted to a public forum the personal details for more than 10.6 million former hotel guests of MGM Resorts. Information now available for all to see includes: full names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, and dates of birth. Making it most newsworthy is that the likes of Justin Bieber, Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s billionaire CEO), among other celebs, prominent business folks, and government officials are included in the 10.6 million. An interesting feature of the recent data leak is that it stems from a breach, to which MGM timely responded, last summer. And even though MGM appears to have done everything right at the time—promptly notifying impacted individuals, hiring forensics firms to investigate, and instituting measures to enhance security—the breach reared its ugly head this week, Hydra-style. The problem is that a data hack is like a gas leak: once personal data is publicly exposed, it is impossible to contain. ZDNet reports that the hotel guests’ data had been shared in several closed-circle hacking forums since last summer... Read more

On January 9th, the DC Bar Association hosted a presentation by Ifrah Law entitled Jackpot! How D.C. Can Successfully Introduce Legalized Sports Betting and Navigate the Regulatory Landscape. For an hour and forty-five minutes a four-person panel discussed the District of Columbia’s legalization and regulation of sports betting in the wake of Murphy v. Nat’l… Read More

Google will revise its advertising policies to allow ads for online casinos in several states where online gaming is legal and regulated. Notice of the change is posted on Google’s support forum which states that the revision will happen this month: “In December 2019, Google will update the Gambling and games policy to allow state-licensed… Read More

Michigan Sets the Stage for Legal Sports Betting
December 10, 2019

Michigan Sets the Stage for Legal Sports Betting

By: Ifrah Law

Michigan is looking to go into 2020 with the prospect of sports betting and online gaming looming large. The Great Lakes State’s legislators reached a breakthrough this week with Governor Whitmer on online gaming and sports betting.  While a few issues remain to be ironed out, it appears that Michigan will enter the new year… Read More

Why is Player Betting a Cardinal Sin?
December 2, 2019

Why is Player Betting a Cardinal Sin?

By: James Trusty

Arizona Cardinal cornerback Josh Shaw has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the league’s blanket prohibition against betting on all things NFL.  Shaw, who will miss at least the full 2020 season, had been on injured reserve since late August and had not played a down this year.  The silver lining for Shaw’s… Read More

Yesterday, Colorado voters narrowly approved a sports betting referendum, establishing Colorado as a sports betting leader in the Mountain West. The referendum was a long time coming, with the bill allowing the referendum to go forward having been passed last May.  Signed by Governor Polis on May 29, House Bill 1327 placed a referendum on… Read More

Yesterday, the NCAA Board of Governors unanimously voted to allow college athletes to receive some form of compensation.The permitted compensation is limited to “the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image, and likeness,” however, athletes will still not be permitted to receive compensation for their actual on-field play. To view the official… Read More

As Ifrah Law celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we are pleased with the recent legal breakthroughs that have the potential to bring online interactive gaming into the U.S. mainstream, where it can create jobs and offer a secure, exciting experience for adults nationwide. For our firm’s founder, Jeff Ifrah, a passion for advancing online… Read More

Ifrah Law’s “The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming and Betting in the U.S.” is Available for Download
October 8, 2019

Ifrah Law’s “The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming and Betting in the U.S.” is Available for Download

By: Jeff Ifrah, Steven Eichorn, Whitney Fore, Andrew Silver and George Calhoun

Complimentary eBook offers a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving U.S. online gaming and betting industry. “The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming and Betting in the U.S.” is now available – at no cost – as a downloadable eBook from Ifrah Law, which has been forging the legal framework for the online gaming industry for… Read More