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Finance and M&A

The legalization of online gaming and sports betting in the United States has resulted in a rapid uptick in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other financing agreements generating billions of dollars in investments and M&A activity.

Ifrah Law’s deep involvement in the gaming industry gives us a 360-degree view of what the key players might do next and where the market is going. This enables us to offer clients both legal and strategic advice regarding relevant opportunities, risks, and ways to mitigate those risks.

Our lawyers negotiate and close complex transactions with an eye on industry-specific considerations such as:

  • Antitrust issues
  • Cross-border implications
  • Representations and warranties
  • Talent and founder acquisition and retention
  • SEC compliance

For clients seeking to develop expansion and exit strategies, we offer:

  • Realistic assessment of current and projected business operations
  • Cost-benefit analyses in respective jurisdictions
  • Evaluations of potential partnerships and investor options
  • Monitoring of regulatory criteria for all jurisdictions under consideration
  • Frequent updates on privacy and other concerns in light of evolving legislation
  • Review of policies including terms and conditions and privacy policies with an eye toward compliance in all affected jurisdictions
  • Negotiation of mergers, sales, and exits

Ifrah Law attorneys have served as buy-side counsel in seven major M&A transactions in the gaming industry over the last three years, worth a combined $20 billion.

Case Studies

Ifrah Law Represents Seller in Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition of Affiliate Marketing Company by Publicly Traded International iGaming Corporation

As the legislative climate for iGaming improves across the U.S., Ifrah Law frequently represents companies seeking to take advantage of the opportunities available in the profitable nexus between affiliate marketing and online gaming. Its lawyers’ in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as applicable gaming laws makes it the go-to firm for building profitable businesses in the affiliate marketing and iGaming industries, which are increasingly attractive to larger buyers.

Clients turn to the firm to create meaningful agreements, often in an accelerated time frame, which provide value to buyers while at the same time encouraging sellers to continue innovating.

As an example, Ifrah Law represented an affiliate marketing company in a $6.5 million acquisition by an international gaming company, a deal the buyer said confirmed its position as the number one player in U.S. iGaming lead generation.

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Successfully Negotiating a $60 Million Sale of iGaming Websites

Currently, the U.S. represents approximately 20 percent of the total online casino market; some states have re-regulated to permit online games, such as Nevada (poker), Delaware (all game types), and New Jersey (all game types), and initiatives are underway to re-regulate in many other states.

In a transaction worth up to $60 million, Ifrah Law helped a client profitably exit its position in iGaming’s lead generation market through a sale of websites and other affiliate related assets.

The acquisition included generated revenues from licensed operators in the regulated casino and poker markets in New Jersey and Nevada, plus other assets expected to generate significant revenues as other jurisdictions re-regulate iGaming.

The sale positioned the buyer to become the U.S.’ largest regulated casino affiliate and take advantage of further re-regulation in what is potentially the world’s largest iGaming market.

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