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January 13, 2011

A Report From an Energized Affiliate West Conference

By: Ifrah Law

The affiliate sales industry is thriving and is attracting a committed group of young entrepreneurs, according to Jeff Ifrah, founding partner of Ifrah Law.

Jeff gave a presentation on January 11, 2011, in Las Vegas at the Affiliate Summit West conference. The conference, which grows larger every year, attracted more than 4,600 people this year, including vendors, affiliates, payment processors, and other industry members.

“It’s clear to me that a lot of young people, many between 25 and 30 years old, came to this conference,” Jeff said. “They are very interested in the obvious trend of advertising through the Internet and making money through the Internet. That is the best way to drive traffic to a product, and they want to get into this market.”

Jeff said that he found that many advertisers would like to comply with all federal rules and guidelines about required advertising disclosures, but that they feel that don’t have enough guidance from the government about what disclaimers are required or about how the government makes the decision about whether to pursue a case against a particular type of advertisement.

“They don’t understand why the government isn’t in the business of pre-reviewing an ad before it runs, so that the advertiser can obtain clarity in advance,” Jeff added.

In many cases, Jeff said, the entrepreneurs would like to get their product to market quickly and many do not yet understand that legal advice can be extremely important early in the process.

“Lawyers are not an impediment to the process,” Jeff said. “They can help affiliate marketers steer clear of the government and make money faster.”

Jeff said it’s important to be prepared if the government asks questions. On the Ifrah Law website, we offer a free download entitled “Five Important Steps to Take if the Government Comes Knocking.”