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Maryland’s Diversity Plan Requirement for Sports Betting Licensees
September 2, 2022

Maryland’s Diversity Plan Requirement for Sports Betting Licensees

By: Sara Dalsheim

The road to the launch of legalized sports betting in Maryland has been long and winding. From the start Maryland has been keen on developing requirements for diversity inclusion in its sports betting operations. Today, the State looks to finalize a positive step in that direction by holding a vote to approve a new “Diversity Plan Requirement”.

Put simply, the Plan instructs sports betting licensees to present a plan on how their company will seek ownership diversity to the state within 30 days of receiving their license. Maryland shall require Diversity Plans to explicitly include:

  • Strategies for obtaining a diverse group of owners, investors, employees (including executive and managerial positions), and contractors;


  • Diversity objectives adopted by the Applicant, and methods for tracking the achievement of those objectives;


  • A plan for diversity-related outreach or events the Applicant will conduct to support its diversity objectives in ownership, investment, management, employment, and contracting;


  • Proposed timelines and benchmarks for achieving the diversity objectives;


  • To the extent available, the diversity status of each owner, investor, employee, and contractor; and


  • Any other information that demonstrates the Applicant’s commitment to ownership, investment, management, employment, and contracting diversity.

The Plan requirements evidence Maryland’s sincere aim for minority representation across its sports betting business. The state would be bringing diverse groups of people into its sports betting industry in a meaningful, creative, and diverse way. Other states should look at Maryland’s Diversity Plan Requirement as a guide and inspiration. It is known that diversity representation is absent from the majority of sports betting operations and markets. With the passing of the Diversity Plan Requirement, Maryland looks to be at the forefront of change and inclusion in the industry.