In-House CLE Presentations

Summer/Fall 2024

Five Costly Missteps That Put iGaming Companies on Regulators’ Radar

Presented by Jeff Ifrah and Michelle Cohen

The business opportunities in the iGaming sector continue to expand across the United States, with a burgeoning number of states planning or approving enabling legislation. Problematically, every state is creating its own set of regulations, oversight authorities, enforcement approaches and penalties. The intent is to protect the public, a goal shared by iGaming companies, but the complexities, differences, and gray areas among these laws present operators with a daunting competitive challenge.

As the longest-practicing online gaming law firm in the United States, Ifrah Law has seen countless instances of clients inadvertently jeopardizing their license in one state with an action that would not have had consequences in another. We also have seen clients act in good faith to partner with other market players, only to find themselves compromised ethically and financially by undetected links to gray-market operators.

In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will learn five critical actions that a U.S. iGaming company can take to protect against inadvertent wrongdoing. Each action is the outgrowth of a real-life client scenario that either threatened the license or risked a hefty fine – some for an Ifrah Law client.

Join us for lunch and leave stuffed with career-saving knowledge! Stay safe and thrive with insights and vital knowledge from Ifrah Law!


Ifrah Law has applied for CLE credit in the following states:

  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Nevada


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