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Key Canadian iGaming Figures Host Advertising Regulatory Webinar
March 10, 2022

Key Canadian iGaming Figures Host Advertising Regulatory Webinar

By: A.J. Collins

On Monday, March 7th, IAB Canada, the main trade association responsible for digital advertising advancement in Canada, and thinkTV, the company responsible for clearance of television advertising in Canada, co-hosted a webinar focusing on the applicable standards for advertising of iGaming in Canada. Also present were representatives from the Canadian Gaming Association, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and iGaming Ontario.

President of the Canadian Gaming Association Paul Burns spoke first, highlighting the organization’s role in promoting the economic value of gaming and conducting industry research to support the gaming marketplace. His main focus was on the Canadian Gaming Association’s role in collaborating with other stakeholders and regulatory bodies in addressing issues. In particular, Burns reminded attendees that .net advertising is still legal in Canada, as long as there are no links to betting sites. He also promoted the Canadian Gaming Summit, set to take place in Toronto from June 7-9 of this year.

Next, two representatives from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario spoke. They focused on government objectives for the gaming industry, including consumer choice, consumer protection, legal market growth, and reducing red tape. The representatives highlighted AGCO’s main goals, which included risk management, specifically with advertising that targets at-risk populations. AGCO’s compliance approach is forward-thinking, focusing on proactive solutions as opposed to just enforcement. AGCO representatives highlighted the impact of responsible gaming messaging in advertisements, along with restriction of the marketing of free bonuses and credits within Ontario.

David Smith of iGaming Ontario spoke next. He discussed usage of the iGaming Ontario logo on websites and social media platforms and the requirements for display. He also stressed the importance of responsible gaming initiatives, prevention of advertising targeted to minors, and geotargeted advertising.

Finally, Katherine MacLeod of thinkTV spoke. While thinkTV does not conduct a legal review of television advertisements, they are responsible for content review of submissions for Canadian advertisements. MacLeod also reminded attendees of the importance of not targeting minors in gaming advertisements, including the use of actors who look at least 25 years of age.

Overall, the webinar was highly informative and served as a great way for stakeholders in the Canadian iGaming space to hear directly from regulators about applicable advertising standards. As the AGCO representatives said, webinars like these serve a vital role in proactive solutions and compliance.