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Jeff Ifrah Quoted on How Daily Fantasy Sports Pulled Off its Biggest Win To Date

… The companies were faced with a deadline to pass legislation by the end of June under the agreement with Schneiderman, and efforts went down to the very end of the last legislative session, which was supposed to end Thursday, to get bills through both houses. The Assembly passed its version on Friday afternoon, but the Senate version did not go to a floor vote until after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday after not even having been voted out of committee until late Friday.

“I think that they obviously have a tremendous infrastructure and a dynamic team and have a brilliant strategy to be able to pull off legislation in the middle of this current environment,” gaming litigator A. Jeff ┬áIfrah of Ifrah Law said. “It is really a remarkable achievement, and it is an achievement that hasn’t really been witnessed by other comparable industries that have been under pressure.”

The quick action by New York lawmakers is also in stark contrast to the many other states where the industry has been pushing legalization bills since coming under scrutiny last fall…

“The question will be whether the industry pick up the pieces before the start of the NFL season and be able to assemble enough states to really be profitable,” Ifrah said.



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